Momokawa Silver

Style: Junmai Ginjo
Polish: 60%
Alcohol: 14.8%
Rice: California Calrose
Serving Temperature: Chilled
Brewery Location: Forest Grove, OR

Color: Colorless
Intensity: Water White
Clarity: Clear

Sweetness: Medium-Dry
Acidity: Med-Low
Umami: Low
Alcohol: Medium
Body: Medium
Flavor Intensity: Medium
Finish: Medium

A Pure, Dry and Refreshing Sake
Momokawa Silver shines as pure citrus and melon flavors hit the palate with a dryness flavor that will leave you excited for the next sip.

Tasting Notes
Momokawa Silver features a light, crisp and dry mouthfeel with hints of mineral and citrus. Green apple, melon and spice on the nose.

Lightly sweet notes of melon and apple. 

Suggested Pairings
Traditional Japanese, light fish & chicken dishes

Earthy to Fruity/Floral Curve

Dry to Sweet Curve

My perfectly relaxing evening usually begins with a cold glass of Momokawa Silver
— Emily, Creative Director - Portland, OR

Featured Cocktail: Pink Lady
A beautiful mix of sweet berries and delicate rose

- 2tsp Sugar
- 1 drop Rose Water

- 8-10 Fresh Raspberries
- 3oz Momokawa Silver

Step 1: Muddle raspberries with sugar and rose water

Step 2: Pour sake into shaker with ice and shake to combine
Step 3: Strain into glass and garnish with frozen raspberries

Tasting Characteristics


Citrus, Floral & Sweet

Grains, Nuts and Dairy

Herbs, Spices, Age and Other

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