Momokawa Diamond

Style: Junmai Ginjo
Polish: 60%
Alcohol: 14.8%
Rice: California Calrose
Serving Temperature: Chilled
Brewery Location: Forest Grove, OR

Color: Colorless
Intensity: Water White
Clarity: Clear

Sweetness: Medium-dry
Acidity: Med-Low
Umami: Low
Alcohol: Medium
Body: Medium
Flavor Intensity: Medium
Finish: Medium

A Crisp and Well Balanced Mainstay
Momokawa Diamond is a fresh and fruit forward beverage that is an ideal food pairing and a joy to share with friends.

Tasting Notes
A medium-dry and crisp sake with a balance of soft water notes and fall flavors of apple and pear. Melon, and mild anise on the nose.

Light and cool with a hints of apple, pear and melon.

Suggested Pairings
American favorites, sashimi and grilled meats

Earthy to Fruity/Floral Curve

Dry to Sweet Curve

I love the crisp and balanced flavor of Diamond
— Melissa, Team Lead - Chicago, IL

Featured Cocktail: Lemon Diamond
A cooling cocktail with a zip of lemon

- 2oz Momokawa Diamond
- 1oz Cointreau or Triple Sec

- 1 Lemon
- 2 Sugar Cubes

Step 1: Muddle juice of lemon with sugar cubes (save slice for garnish)

Step 2: Add ice and other ingredients and shake together
Step 3: Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with lemon slice

Tasting Characteristics


Citrus, Floral & Sweet

Grains, Nuts and Dairy

Herbs, Spices, Age and Other

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