There is something about the Oregon rain. Something that drives creativity and a passion to craft the greatest possible expression of that which you love. For some here it's beer or wine, others it's tea, potato chips, sneakers or comic books. 

In our case it's premium saké, Junmai Ginjo, the kind of elixir that puts a smile on your face and changes your world perspective. It's Momokawa, based on the ages old methods of our Japanese teachers and handcrafted with that same Oregon rain. 

Diamond |  Silver  |  Ruby  |  Pearl  |  Organic Junmai  |  Organic Nigori  |  #701 Nama Nama


A medium-dry and crisp saké with a balance of soft water notes and fall flavors of apple and pear. Melon, and mild anise on the nose. Explore


Momokawa Silver features a light, crisp and dry mouthfeel with hints of mineral and citrus. Green apple, melon and spice on the nose. Explore


Mildly sweet with hints of red berries, cherry, guava and mochi. Hints of tropical fruit, melon and grapes on the nose. Explore


Rich and creamy with bright and bold tropical notes like banana, pineapple and coconut. Vanilla and pineapple on the nose. Explore

Organic Junmai

Notes of refreshing lime combine with delicate pinapple and cola flavors that make Momokawa Organic Junmai a versatile pairing for a variety of meals. Explore

Organic Nigori

Momokawa Organic Nigori features rich and silky layers of coconut and cream with a big burst of fresh pineapple and a hint of banana. Shake well and serve chilled. Explore

#701 Nama Nama

Nama Nama sake is fresh-pressed and unpasteurized to deliver a vibrantly fresh, bold and aromatic flavor. Enjoy crisp notes of zesty citrus, lemongrass and cantaloupe. Explore