Brewery Spotlight: Momokawa Brewing (Murai Family)


SakéOne is not only a craft brewery but also an importer of premium saké from 5 Japanese Kuras. Each Kura has an incredible story. This week, we’re spotlighting Momokawa Brewing of Japan (also known as Murai Family).

The Murai Family's passion for crafting fine saké dates back centuries and has transitioned into the modern age with the same passion and innovation the brewery had from the very beginning. Their mission is to provide delicious saké for every occasion whenever and wherever people are gathered. Their slogan: “You know it’s good saké when the morning comes.”

The predecessor to Momokawa Brewing, Miura, had been brewing saké since the Edo (Samurai) Era. The Murai Family inherited their brewing rights in 1889 and founded Momokawa Brewing in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Hachinohe is located in the Southeastern part of Aomori, a bountiful region blessed with abundant nature. Landmarked by the 1585m Mt. Hakkoda, the soft underground water and warm weather helps grow one of the most precious assets for brewing saké: rice!

95% of the rice used by Momokawa is grown in the Aomori prefecture. The Special saké rice used include: Hanaomoi (Saké Rice) and Masshigura (Table Rice).  With Special Sake Rice you have big grains, soft textures and a white center, all the goodies you’d want for high quality sake.

Momokawa saké is brewed with the pure water of the Oirase River, also known to the local residents as the Momoishi River. It is from this source of sparkling, soft water that Momokawa saké derives its name.

The traditional brewing technique and taste is made possible by the kurabitos’ (brewers’) passion for brewing. Momokawa’s Brewmaster, Koizumi, has been with the company an incredible 50 years, and has received the honors of “The Meister of Aomori”, “Outstanding Technician of Aomori Prefecture” Award and the “Recognition of Contribution” Award from the Japanese Brewers’ Association.

SakéOne began importing Murai Family from the very beginning in 1992. You can easily identify them on a shelf by the fierce Nebuta Warrior on their labels. We now carry 5 premium award-winning saké. Snag a taste of each at our Tasting Room in Forest Grove, OR, or grab one at your local grocery and let us know what you think on social tagging #KanpaiLife!

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