SakéOne-01 Tasting & Cheat Sheet

We have a sneaking suspicion that through your saké-tasting journey you've become completely hooked. Welcome to the club! Ready to take it to the next level? 

Even experts need a cheat sheet now and then, so we created one to use here at SakéOne and to share with you fine folks at home. A wonderful exercise in aroma and taste, this 2-in-1 Tasting & Cheat Sheet guides you through each sampling while keeping all the basic Categories, Styles and Ingredients in one handy place. We filled one out below for Momokawa Diamond. Go ahead -- Print one off, snag a pen, a glass of your favorite saké, and try it out! 

You can dowload the file here: SakeOne-01 Tasting & Cheat Sheet

Stay tuned right here every Saké-Sunday for more tips, tricks and lessons to keep you fresh on saké. Next Sunday: Food Pairings

Have any questions about the sheet or saké in general? Shoot us a note at