Oregon Craft Sake

It's one thing to import fine sake from Japan, which we have done for more than 20 years, but it's a whole other commitment to build a sake brewery (kura) and find purpose in crafting the finest sake made in America. 

Each batch of sake that comes from the SakeOne brewery in Oregon further dispels the notion that great sake only comes from Japan.
— Marc, Liquor Distributor - Portland, OR


There is something about the Oregon rain. Something that drives creativity and a passion to craft the greatest possible expression of that which you love. For some here it's beer or wine, others it's tea, potato chips, sneakers or comic books. In our case it's premium saké, Junmai Ginjo, the kind of elixir that puts a smile on your face and changes your world perspective. It's Momokawa, based on the ages old methods of our Japanese teachers and handcrafted with pure Oregon rain. 

Diamond |  Silver  |  Ruby  |  Pearl  |  Organic Junmai  |  Organic Nigori  |  #701 Nama Nama


A melding of cultures and tastes, where the ideas and flavors of the past meet a dynamic present to create something wonderful and new. g is a step outside of expectations for our brewer, a chance to test the techniques shared with him by some of Japan's leading sakémasters

Joy  |  Fifty


No skimping on flavor or quality. All Moonstone are crafted with fresh brewed Oregon Junmai Ginjo (note that once the flavor is added we do not call it Junmai) and proprietary all-natural flavors selected by our tasting panel. Oregon water, rice milled to 60%, hand-worked koji, proper aging, all of what makes a saké truly fine goes into Moonstone plus the flavor. Once our sakémaster (Greg Lorenz) is happy with his brew, we blend our flavors. 

Asian Pear |  Coconut Lemongrass  |  Plum